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About Us

Artist Statement

Homeward Bound  
My name is Richard M. Richardson. I am an environmental artist from the land of Goshen. Creator and caretaker of the three sisters sanctuary. Essentially, nature is my medium. I use stones, plants, water and the very land itself to create the art I truly enjoy.


All three of my daughters, who are the namesake of the Three Sisters Sanctuary have encouraged and contributed to this ever evolving outdoor healing space. As a father and a person it has inspired  me to be able to share this gift of healing through my connection with nature and my creative vision.  


I did not begin this garden; it began me.


Something has been created here on a monumental level that has come through me. I am someone who is being channeled.  I have many things left to do in this lifetime. Destiny has brought me here and it’s not done with me yet.


As the decades have passed by, it is to my delight that I've watched these gardens and trees mature and the Sanctuary turn into something truly beautiful. It is my hope are that people will come here and find serenity,  a feeling of inner peace a spirituality.  The spirit of my brother and my eldest daughter are strongly felt here by me and have been a huge influence on this land and my visions for it.


My three daughters have always been a gift in my world so it feels  wonderful to be able to give back in this way. The sanctuary is meant to be shared by all who come and visit and by their family, friends and community. We have had thousands of visitors over the years, many of them have shared feeling deeply moved and inspired and ready to go home and apply the experience to their own gardens. We welcome people of all ages and walks of life to come visit this space and derive their own special meanings.


​Below are links to a documentary about the origins and creation of Three Sisters Sanctuary. Enjoy! We welcome your input anytime.

Click here for part 1 (19 minutes)

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