Artist Statement

Open to the Public Daily, 8 am—Dusk
Admission: Adults: $10.00 Children: Free
Phone: 413-268-3677
188 Cape Street, Route 112,
Goshen MA 01032

“Something has happened on a monumental level that has come through me. I believe I am someone who is being channeled by nature.”

Richard M. Richardson

I am the creator and caretaker of the Three Sisters Sanctuary. As an environmental artist nature is my medium. I use stones, plants, water and the land itself to create.

I’ve been living in the land of Goshen, Massachusetts for the past 43 years. Destiny lead me to Goshen, Massachusetts from New Jersey in the early 1970’s. I instantly knew this is where I would lay down my roots.

My three daughters have always been a gift in my world. They were born and raised on the land and are the namesake of the Three Sisters Sanctuary. They’ve encouraged and contributed to this ever-evolving outdoor healing space since the beginning. As an artist and father, it’s inspiring to share my connection with nature, my creative vision, and to give back to others through my art.

The spirit of my brother Chuck who passed in 1993 and my eldest daughter Tina Marie who passed in 2003 are strongly felt here. In life and with their passing they’ve been very influential in my vision for the land and the sanctuary.

As the decades have passed, it has been my delight to witness the sanctuary mature and become something truly beautiful. It is my hope that when people come here they find serenity, a feeling of inner peace and spirituality.

The sanctuary is meant to be shared with all who come, their family, friends and community. I welcome you to visit this unique space and derive your own special meaning. My greatest fulfillment as an artist comes from sharing Three Sisters Sanctuary with others and experiencing how it moves them.

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