John Stritch

Dr. John Stritch (1925-2014) led a remarkable life as a doctor, artist and teacher. After retiring as a surgeon, he and his wife moved to Hinsdale, MA, where he became renown for his sculpture, paintings and poster designs. 

Dr. Stritch’s artworks were some of the first sculptures added to the Sanctuary, beginning to transform the space from healing gardens to a series of outdoor sculpture galleries over ten years ago. The gardens are serene and the landscape and artwork are powerful. One of the big draws is the way John’s work continues to thrive in this fantastical environment, long after the artist’s passing. 

Although John is no longer with us, his work continues to evolve- finding new arrangements for display, interacting with the rocks and trees of the Sanctuary, and influencing the artists of today. One can see a bit of John Stritch in the work of artist James Kitchen- one of the eight or so artists who have work on display at the sanctuary.  You can enjoy the figurative work of Robert Markey and the assembled creatures created by John Bander, for a start.  Each artist has a distinctly different style that coexists in harmony with the landscape. 

Dr. Stritch is deceased but information is available on