Richard M. Richardson

Creator and Caretaker of Three Sisters Sanctuary

“Something has happened on a monumental level that has come through me. I believe I am someone who is being channeled by nature.”

As an environmental artist, nature is my medium. I use stones, plants, water and the land itself to create. I’ve been living in the Land of Goshen, Massachusetts for the past 43 years. I began building the Sanctuary 25 years ago and never imagined it would grow to such a large scale. It has been my delight to witness the Sanctuary mature and become something truly beautiful. It is my hope that when people come here, they find serenity, a feeling of inner peace and spirituality. I welcome you to visit this unique space and derive your own special meaning. My greatest fulfillment as an artist comes from sharing Three Sisters Sanctuary with others and experiencing how it moves them.

Life Labyrinth