Author: Richard Richardson

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Working in the Dark

Mike Sampson arrived at 5:30 a.m. and started unloading his equipment. We spent the next hour discussing the blueprints of the Labyrinth and how we


The birth of the Gypsy Wagon

As I turned 70, I thought about my deep desire to build a gypsy wagon or to restore one for my own pleasure. My first


Vision Takes Patience

The land continues to talk to me, and my visions are now starting to feel like they can become a reality. At times I can


From Imagination to Creation

Now that there were three labyrinths in play, it forced me to look at the project through new eyes. Not only did I have the


A Second Dragon is Born

It was as if mother nature, once again, already had a plan that I was not aware of, but somehow I kept connecting the dots. I had discovered, for the second time, a Dragon being built.