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Grief & Gratitude

I had an 8 acre canvas, surrounded by 3900 acres of state forest. At first I felt fear of commitment to this monumental project, I



Through decades of creativity, I have learned to deeply appreciate the extraordinary people I have worked with and am humbled by the enormity of the


Little Dapper Dad

Little Dapper Dad by Megan E. LaBonte The Many Coats of Richard Richardson, environmental artist and creator of Three Sisters Sanctuary Megan E. Labonte, Richard’s


My 6th decade

Entering My 6th Decade I was ready to move forward from my 5th decade, and looked back on my life. Something I realized was how


Porcupine Family

It was a gift to have such esteemed guests visit the Sanctuary. Porcupines are often thought of as elusive animals, mostly missed on forest walks



The Sanctuary speaks to me, letting me know what to do next. As my visions become realities, I continue bonding with the property and as


Richard M. Richardson

The Sanctuary is the lifework and vision of Artist Richard M. Richardson. He has been living and creating on the land for the past 43 years. His creation, a breathtaking collaboration where art and nature merge together, is a one-of-a-kind, enchanting outdoor space.