wetland gallery features art of James Kitchen


The Three Sisters Sanctuary is thrilled to announce the opening of the Local Artist Sculpture Garden this summer. Featuring our 2017 artist Michael Melle, the garden will be open from June 1 through October and includes pieces for sale from our esteemed artist's exhibits.

Permanent Installations by Richard M. Richardson

richard richardson

There are many permanent installations built by the creator and caretaker of Three Sisters Sanctuary, Richard M. Richardson; as well as, six other artists on display in 2017.

James Kitchen

james kitchen

James Kitchen has been welding scrap metal for fifteen years. Today he continues to gain recognition in the world of fine arts. Sculptures are crafted from recycled objects made of iron and steel. Kitchen says, "Old rusted tools and farm equipment are favorites of mine.”

Robert Markey

robert markey

Robert Markey's work impact on an emotional level to evoke laughter, tears or anger.  It is the purpose of art, he believes, to confront, to challenge, to force the viewer to see and think about the world in a new and more profound way.

Michael Melle

michael melle

Artist Michael Melle creates beauty with many mediums. Paint, charcoal, wax, hay, and stone are manipulated to craft images of humans, real and imagined. His life-size hay and stick sculptures depict people in graceful motion and peaceful rest.

Sam Myers

sam myers

Three Sisters Sanctuary is proud to feature the stained glass art by Sam Myers. If you believe stained glass is something that only exists indoors or in churches, we invite you to see her beautiful outdoor pieces.

Dana Salisbury

dana salisbury

Dana Salisbury is a choreographer and multidisciplinary artist from Easthampton, Massachusetts. Currently on display at Three Sisters Sanctuary is a stained glass piece entitled “Jazz, or Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho”.

John Stritch

john stritgch

Dr. John Stritch has numerous pieces in the Sanctuary. Dr. Stritch is deceased but information is available on www.johnstritch.org; or contact David Howe at howedav@gmail.com.