Sculpture Gardens Where Art and Nature Merge

Open to the public 7 days a week - Available for Large and Small Events


Meet Our Artists

Richard M. Richardson

The Sanctuary is the lifework and vision of Artist Richard M. Richardson. He has been living and creating on the land for the past 43 years. His creation, a breathtaking collaboration where art and nature merge together, is a one-of-a-kind, enchanting outdoor space.

Visitors can stroll around our peaceful water garden with its gently swaying aquatic grasses, bask in our expansive butterfly garden, or celebrate the lives of friends and loved ones in a quiet and powerful memorial garden.

On your way, you will encounter impressive standing stones, small and large cairns, classic statuary, bejeweled beings, and other whimsical and fascinating treats for the eye, mind and soul. Cozy niches along the trail invite you to stop, rest and take it all in.

No description of the sanctuary’s gardens would be complete without mention of our most iconic piece of art – a giant fanciful resident dragon made of stone, metal and glass. This friendly beast is a popular attraction that often expels smoke and fire from its upturned head.

Within and around the gardens are multiple art exhibits of sculpture, glass, metal, mosaics, found, repurposed items, and other materials. While some pieces are permanently part of the sanctuary, other installations feature revolving works of art from a wide variety of talented artisans.

All of this is cradled by the natural splendor of 3,500 acres of protected mixed forest and wetland, whose living art and earthly energy can be seen, felt and heard.

Whether you are in search of serenity, healing and rejuvenation, or a bit of fun and wonder, the gardens at the Three Sisters Sanctuary have something very special to share with you.