Dragon's Den

3 years in the making, finished in 2016, the Dragon’s Den has now become a memorial for many visitors. As soon as the Den was complete, people started leaving treasures in crevices; it seemed to gather trinkets from around the world like a magnet. ‘Birch Man’ is even nestled amongst the treasures watching over them. The Den came alive, creating its own bustling community. A short while later, Prayer Cards appeared, personal mementos filtered in and it matured to become the place where people would memorialize their loved ones by leaving something of importance behind. You are always welcome to leave something of your own for other guests to enjoy.  

The body of the 80ft. long mosaic dragon protects the inner Den. The Dragon didn’t start out breathing fire it was a magnificent afterthought.  In 2019 when it had matured, it was time to release the fire within. Richard collaborated with Swig Miller, a Burning Man artist to facilitate monumental 8ft. plumes and in 5 days the dragon was breathing enough fire to make your heart skip a beat. You never know when the Dragon might breathe its fire, watch for it the next time you visit, it may be your lucky day.