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A Second Dragon is Born

After years of prep work, I was ready to start working on the area near the wetlands. At first, I opened it up as an outdoor gallery for artist James Kitchen’s large abstract metal sculptures. His work was beautiful, and the area adapted well to it. But, it still wanted more and continued to speak very loudly to me. 

We began with building stone walls along the edge of the wetlands and planting vegetation on the banks. During this time, a friend of the sanctuary, George Shake,r came to visit. He had a drone with him, and we flew it over the area. Next, I contacted my friend Judy Nelson, who is a lifelong artist who has been collaborating with me on the labyrinth layout for several years, and I gave her the drone footage.

One day shortly after, the phone rang, and it was Judy. She asked me to look at the drone footage with her. She was excited to show me what she had discovered. I went in and sat in front of her large computer screen. She sat down next to me and pulled up an image and there it was! The second dragon! We’d already built it without even realizing it! It could’ve only been discovered by the drone viewing it from overhead.

It was as if mother nature, once again, already had a plan that I was not aware of, but somehow I kept connecting the dots. I had discovered, for the second time, a Dragon being built.

Drone View of the Labyrinth Dragon
Drone View of the Labyrinth Dragon

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