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From Imagination to Creation

Now that there were three labyrinths in play, it forced me to look at the project through new eyes. Not only did I have the labyrinth laid out on paper; I also had it laid out before me on the land, I was to build it on. I understood what it would take financially to build the three labyrinths and the body of the Dragon. As I ran the numbers, I realized that this was a project I could not take on by myself.

Not knowing much about fundraising to manage sanctuary projects such as this, I was left feeling like it just wasn’t the right time. I knew this project was for the community and would become a great resource and wanted to reach out and engage for financial support. This would be the second Dragon in the Sanctuary, built to become a place of refuge and regeneration. The first is the home of the Dragon’s Den, which offers a place of reflection, contemplation and memorial for loved ones. This one will be a tool that can be used over and over, anytime people need centering. I knew the power Labrinth’s hold and was sure this would give tremendous value to the Sanctuary and community.

Throughout that year, I thought, many times, about building the Dragon, the mound and the three labyrinths. Although it felt like the timing wasn’t right, it hadn’t left my vision. It was just on the back burner. As an artist, it lived in that part of my brain that was the most creative.

The following year still was not a convenient time. A combination of finances and the need for clarity held me back again. The difference was that I decided to build one of the labyrinths as a temporary alternative. I just wanted to see how it would work and whether or not what we had laid out on paper was achievable. I worked with a fellow from Leeds named Tom Silliman, who had a great deal of interest in designing the labyrinth. We walked the land quite a few times, did some drawings, and were in agreement with the chosen area. He helped install the temporary labyrinth, which gave the community someplace to experience walking a simple labyrinth while the building project was still on the back burner.
I continued to explore the land I was planning to build it on; overlooking the wetlands and banks. In the preparation period, much was being done, such as building new stone walls on the outer banks and installing gardens that would be self-sustaining. As time continued to pass, there was no backing up; it was just a matter of moving ahead.


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