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The Birth of Three Sisters Sanctuary’s Labyrinth

I’m embarking on creating a blog documenting the new labyrinths I’m building at Three Sisters Sanctuary in Goshen, Massachusetts. This project has been more than ten years in the making.

Seeing it become a reality is very exciting and fulfilling. I’ve walked many labyrinths in my life, and I’ve always found that they ground me and to bring clarification to my thoughts.


About ten years ago, I felt a calling to build a labyrinth. I thought that it would give grounding and clarity to others as part of their experiences in the healing gardens. I explored the land for several years, looking for a location within the Sanctuary that made practical sense and had the right energy.

My first attempt was to fit it within the infinity circle, but I soon found that the space was too small, and it already had its purpose. Next, I decided to build it on a 1-acre section in the woodlands.

Over the next two years, I cleared the lot and created a beautiful setting. I continued researching how to build labyrinths. During this time, I met Ingrid Bredenberg. She is very knowledgeable about labyrinths and the energies of the land. Through dowsing, she kindly advised me by bringing clarity to the energy sources. 

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A perfect location

After some time, it became clear that the labyrinth did not belong in the woodlands. I shifted my focus and moved to the furthest point along the wetlands. There was a beautiful view, and it was far enough from the road that it felt secluded. It would take substantial work to reshape this piece of land. It required removing the excess dirt and stones from the area and laying a gravel base. It took several years to prepare the area. As I continued studying labyrinths, I also learned what worked for Three Sisters Sanctuary and how it all fit in with my artistic vision.

In my next post, I’ll share how I discovered, through listening to nature and my intuition, that Three Sisters Sanctuary mysteriously gave birth to a second dragon. I didn’t plan it!


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