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Vision Takes Patience

The land continues to talk to me, and my visions are now starting to feel like they can become a reality. At times I can only stand and ponder, how can I not, it’s a labyrinth! Building it requires great patience and can’t be rushed.

As I continue to bond with this piece of property, I took the open landscape as an opportunity to install a hosta garden, a plant I love dearly. It was a daunting installation that we planted hundreds of hostas circling the body of the Dragon. They help contain the banks and, at the same time, show the beauty and the variety of the hostas that I have propagated over the past 25 years. It’s a beautiful site as nature, and the hostas are finding a happy medium together. They flower in August with extremely beautiful pink and white teardrop blooms.

My good friend Ralph Williams donated over 100 varieties of daylilies and that dock the tail of the Dragon. I merged them with the hostas and daylilies to bring colors together; such a wonderful variety of plants that produce beautiful flowers. These plants are essential as I continue to sculpt the land and create a balance between stone and the beauty of nature. I count on nature not only to provide flowers but also to help manage this big project. Life will integrate herself into these gardens, adding new volunteers, diversity of species, and new colors.

I clearly have my work cut out for me. All I can say is I’m thankful I’m young and ambitious!

Daylilies in Bloom
Hostas in the Morning Mist
Daylilies Along the Dragon's Tail

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