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Artists and creative types have flocked to the town, churning out art and pottery from factory buildings once famed for textiles, buttons, and rubber. Now the city boasts all the perks that come with being a cultural center – social, gastronomical, mixological, and musical, among others.

Chesterfield Gorge

A dramatic rock canyon, forming the entrance to an extensive natural recreation area, popular for catch-and-release fly fishing. Seventy-foot walls carved by centuries of rushing water from Westfield River adjacent to the General Marquis de Lafayette Trail. Across the river, you’ll see stone abutments from a historic bridge that spanned the river in 1762, swept away by floodwaters in 1835.


40 square miles, this small rural town,has a lake, convenience store with gas, hiking, Fall Festival and a Farmers Market.

D.A.R. State Forest

A publicly owned forest with recreational features. Activities center around Upper and Lower Highland Lakes.