Highland Lakes

The Highland Lakes consist of two impoundments located about a quarter mile apart on the west branch of the Mill River.
Lower Highland Lake covers 88 acres. The bottom consists of rubble and rock and aquatic vegetation is scarce. The shoreline is moderately developed with seasonal residences. Access is provided by a paved ramp located on the northern tip of the pond off Moore Hill Road. It is suitable for light trailer boats, canoes and car top boats. There are parking spaces for six vehicles. As with both ponds, there is a fee to enter, at least during the summer recreation season.
Upper Highland Lake covers 53 acres. It is similar to its sister pond in that the bottom is rubble and rock, aquatic vegetation is uncommon. The shoreline, however, is virtually undeveloped. Access is provided by an informal ramp, suitable for canoes and car top boats, located on the south end of the pond off Moore Hill Road. No gasoline-powered craft are allowed on this lake, although electric motors are permissible.