Entering My 6th Decade

I was ready to move forward from my 5th decade, and looked back on my life. Something I realized was how fulfilling and creatively satisfying this decade has been. I felt that moving into my seventies wouldn’t be much different from what I had experienced in my previous years, but the complete opposite was true. 

Like a strike at midnight on New years eve, Father Time showed up for the first time in my life, dictating what was to be expected. The clocks are ticking and life keeps moving regardless of health issues, the realization of aging, elder support and more- all things I had never anticipated. Living in denial was my way of dealing with all of these issues.  I chose to keep a good attitude and stay positive instead of focusing on the things I can not control.

Like a Strike of Midnight Father Time Showed Up

When Father Time pried as to what I wanted to do with my life, I was ready. Creativity will be my main focus. I have many projects I would still like to complete. At 70 years old I began to feel a sense of urgency that was uncomfortable for me.This urgency motivated me to look at my life and art over the past three decades. What I discovered was a light at the end of the tunnel. I would complete what I had started thirty years earlier, at Three Sisters Sanctuary. 

In my 6th decade, I have started to realize many things.  The most important one being the realization that I live in my art, and my art lives in me.