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Spotlight on Richard, Creator and Caretaker of Three Sisters Sanctuary

Hello everyone, this is Megan, The youngest of The Three Sisters. I woke up feeling today would be an excellent day to share a bit more about this series we have been working on for the past 5 weeks. If there is one thing my dad and I share in common it’s our immense love for bold patterns and vibrant colors, in art, in life and in clothing! It was this idea that inspired us to start this series that we will continue into the new year! All my life a huge inspiration for me fashion wise has been my parents old photos from their hippie homesteading days ❤ I can only hope to catch some of that spirit in these!

– Megan Labonte, daughter of artist Richard M. Richardson

This photo really started long before it was taken. It began in the recently curated closets of Richard M. Richardson. My dad and I begin each week by opening the doors of of the most spectacular inspired, vibrant fantasy wardrobe, a lifetime in the making, and choose outfits together we feel reflect his personal style. We would like to thank and recognize the styling skills of Joyce Carreira who’s creative eye has deeply contributed for this project. This weeks outfit is a dignified one. It includes a vintage velour forrest green hat that has been with him for more than 20 years. A pinstriped corduroy blazer and a intricately beaded pin that represents the eye of the artist! We are having so much fun together it’s a family affair!

This photo represents a very special place in the Sanctuary which is a memorial to our sister Tina. One of the joys of this project has been seeing my dad getting excited about these outfits and sharing that interest and the details of making these pictures together and it’s something I know my sister would have appreciated too. I just love this dapper gray coat beret combination my dad chose for this one. He also seems to really be enjoying wearing ties!

We are excited to present the third of our weekly father and daughter fashion fun portraits! My dad gets really excited about a few things in life. One of these things is ornamental grasses, which this year they are reaching record heights and the other is a warm vintage flannel! A rustic favorite the thick Wool jacket is a stove mans best friend when retrieving wood on a chilly New England morning!

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