Little Dapper Dad

by Megan E. LaBonte

The Many Coats of Richard Richardson, environmental artist and creator of Three Sisters Sanctuary

Megan E. Labonte, Richard’s youngest daughter has been inspired her entire life by the fashion of her parents, especially the photos from their homesteading Hippie days. One morning, Megan woke up thinking it would be an excellent day for a new creation. Megan and her dad share an immense love for bold patterns and vibrant colors in art, life and clothing and created this series of coat photos to highlight her dad’s inspiring spirit. “One of my joys has been seeing my dad getting excited about these outfits and sharing his interest in the details of creating these pictures together. We would like to thank Joyce Carreira who’s creative eye and styling skills has also contributed to this project. 

My dad gets really excited about a few things in life, one is ornamental grasses, which this year are reaching record heights; the other is a warm vintage flannel. A rustic favorite this thick wool jacket is a stove mans best friend when retrieving wood on a chilly New England morning.
My dad and I began each week by opening his spectacularly inspired fantasy wardrobe and choosing outfits reflecting his personality. Here is a vintage velour forest green hat he has had for 20+ years. A pinstriped corduroy blazer and an intricately beaded pin representing the eye of the artist. We are having a ton of fun together.
This photo represents a very special place in the Sanctuary which is a memorial to our sister Tina, I know how much she would have loved this with us. Here is his dapper gray coat/beret combination and I’ve noticed, he seems to really enjoy wearing ties lately.