Art Photographers and Producers

The Stage is Set

Three Sisters Sanctuary is a powerful and energetic place to unleash your subjects.   The immense standing stones, perennial gardens, and prolific sculptural artistry create an incredible set to place your visual narrative on top of.  

Bella Vendetta produced an exceptional short film at the Sanctuary called “Coven of Compassion” towards the end 2021.  Enjoy the trailer here and find the full film at


Fred LeBlanc

Three Sisters Sanctuary became a creative canvas for artist Fred LeBlanc’s series of spirit light paintings.  Find out more about Fred at

Megan Labonte

The daughter of environmental artist Richard Richardson, Creator and Caretaker of Three Sisters Sanctuary is an exceptional creative and photographer whose subject is often the Sanctuary itself.  Many stunning portraits of Richard can also be attributed to her. 

If you’d like to be considered as a featured artist, please send us a line at and include a brief review of the Sanctuary, some of your work which includes the Sanctuary and a few words about yourself with a link to your website.