In 2017 I bought the now retired Mama T’s fruit stand with the intention of building a new entrance to the Sanctuary. However, soon after the purchase, I had a vision of how the stand could be renovated and made into a magical fairy house complete with stained glass, a round window for imagination, and iron work to create a true home for fairies. The house took on a new personality. Filled with a welcoming joviality and colorful vibrations that you can feel when you enter the warm space made especially for mystical creatures to hover about.  

The original Fairy House, Mama T's Fruit Stand upon arrival at the Sanctuary
Early work on the Fairy House, with iron work, round window and stained glass

With the birth of this new installation, there was only one drawback; what to do with the new entrance. It would take 7 years to finally move the last sign from the old entrance to the new, and call it complete. In the middle of it all, I had to do the most logical thing I could: make one entrance and exit together.   

Building the fairy house truly inspired me to keep building and adding more structures off of the entrance and exit point. These would include unique and original, open round steel windows leading the eye inward, past spinning wheels of iron work. I now had a wooden pathway leading past the sanctuary, encircling the fairy house area. Suddenly, I realized that the  sanctuary was evolving and taking on a life of its own. It was also then I realized that I had built an actual Fairy villa.    

The Fairy House at present, September 2023
Soft sculptures by Sally Howe, the Toy Lady, in the Fairy House

I would continue to incorporate fairies into the theme of the house and sanctuary for the next 7 years until the present day. In 2022, I decided to finish the actual entrance I had originally planned. Once the decision was made, it took a full autumn season of continuous work to present the new entrance. Complete with stones, ropes, wood, vines, and artwork; the new entrance was whimsical and inviting.

Any confusion about where to enter the Sanctuary was behind us. Once again, I think with humor, how could this have taken so long?! 

Shown left, the completed Entryway in September, 2023