Standing Stones

As we dug a sizable trench for a water line, we discovered an endless surplus of stone. Curious, I contacted the Goshen Historical Society and asked if they knew anything about this. They informed me, in 1964, what used to be Cape Street became Rt. 112, due to the need to expand and develop a highway. Ledge was visible next to the old dirt road. Enormous drills were used to make holes for explosives and when the blasts occurred large boulders were dislodged and deposited on the land I now call home. My task was to figure out how to use the large and unruly stones being discovered. I realized the rocks exuded energy when they stood straight up. The wonderful thing is, it's all Goshen stone. Sienna's, ochres, and iridescent undertones adorned most of these natural, majestic works of art. By harvesting these stones, we reshaped the land and eliminated the sinkholes. The more stones we stood, the more we found and the grander the creation has became.